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Christopher Garcia is the owner of SOS Spending Planners, this business helping people take control of their day to day and long-term finances. I mentor and support my clients with changing their habits - and thus reaping the financial rewards – forever. You work hard to earn every dollar of your salary. Why not make sure your money works just as hard for you? Our Programme will help you manage your income better, get out of debt and build savings for future needs. We specialise in empowering in getting control of their finances, giving you hope and clarity to move from your current situation and support you to implement secure money management to create a vision to provide you with a future where you are living with fulfillment, purpose, and impact. Some outcomes that our clients had achieved: Reach Savings targets such as House / Property Deposits / Down Payments in a shorter timeframe Improved Loan Serviceability through the minimisation of Expenses and Debt Improved Financial Literacy and Education For Mortgage Brokers and Financial Planners / Advisors, your clients will be in a better position to proceed with: Loan Applications Insurances Taxation Strategies Wealth Creation, Let's meet over a coffee to talk about, your financial worries, so you can be certain, that I'm the right finance person for you! Our first meeting will take 30-45 minutes and will help set you on a path to a more secure financial future with fewer sleepless nights. yes, I accept Qoin, my payment terms are %70 Qoin and %30 $AUD. Just send me a private message today, for more info. Warm regards, Christopher Garcia

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